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Outdoor plants for each season

Looking for seasonal outdoor plant ideas? You've come to the right place
Plants and flowers, ideal for each season. Browse Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter ideas for your garden, patio, balconies, and doorsteps. Feel free to come in and chat with the Boma team. We're here to help.

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Spring Awakening

Search outdoor plants for spring

It's time to get outdoor for a bit of fresh air. After all, how much TV can you watch? Spring's a fabulous season full of vigour and colour. A season of new beginnings famous for daffodils and aromatic cherry blossoms. If you plan ahead in the Autumn, the perspiration will pay off as buds and bulbs start to sprout and blooms appear. 

Following are some Spring suggestions, If you want to shop for popular Spring Flowers check out the following link. 

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Daffodils Find Out More

A no-brainer classic in the Spring, Daffodils enjoy 6 hours of sun in well-drained soil. Best to plant Daffodil bulbs in early autumn, so they have time to produce new roots before the onset of winter.


Ceanothus Find Out More

Perfect for the Spring and early Summer, Ceanothus, a bushy evergreen shrub, is filled with clusters of dark blue flowers with intense green, glossy leaves.


Crocus Find Out More

Busting through the ice and snow, Crocuses are the glorious first sign of Spring awakening. Best to plant Crocus bulbs in early autumn, so they have time to produce new roots before the onset of winter.


Forsythia Find Out More

Striking flowering shrubs from the olive family, Forsythia are fast-growing low-maintenance shrubs that fill the garden with bright yellow blooms in the early spring.


Cherry Blossom Find Out More

Considered the national flower of Japan, the spectacular bloom of Cherry-blossom (Sakura) are ornamental often confused with the fruit trees.


Tulips Find Out More

The most colourful of spring flowers, Tulips are the easiest flowers, planting in the autumn to blossom into hundreds of colours, shapes and sizes. Best to plant Tulip bulbs in early autumn, so they have time to produce new roots before the onset of winter.


Chaenomeles Find Out More

Also known as "flowering quince", Spring Chaenomeles have gorgeous brilliant colours, also bearing fruits suitable for making liqueurs, marmalade and preserves.


Lilac Find Out More

A garden classic, flowering in late spring, Lilac has pale purple, pink or white flowers, as a shrub or small tree, superb for bouquets.


Summer Sublime

Search outdoor plants for the summer

Prostrate on the deck chair, Rum & Coke in hand. The dearest saunters over to the Roses to finish the pruning. Sweltering sun, chirping trees, a landscape filled with the fragrance of Geraniums and Petunias. The purple blues of Lobelia shimmering on the horizon. 'Does it get any better than this?' you ask. Garden eye candy makes for a summer sublime. 

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Lavender Find Out More

Prized for its sensational aroma, Lavender is profuse in the Summer and a firm favourite of many a garden.


Geraniums Find Out More

Lovers of the bright sun, Geraniums low-maintenance Summer regulars and excellent for containers


Lupins Find Out More

Cultivated in a variety of colours, Lupins also contain edible seeds and are a firm Summer favourite, excellent for the soil.


Petunias Find Out More

With vivid, colourful, showy trumpet-shaped flowers, Petunias are a popular Summer choice for beds, boxes and baskets.


Hydrangeas Find Out More

An excellent Summer flowering shrub with large, showy blooms, Hydrangea are easy with minimal pruning.


Roses Find Out More

Sitting on the throne of Summer flowers, Roses are a romantic, scented must for any garden


Foxgloves Find Out More

Fabulous tubular blooms and Summer favourites, Foxglove is a beauty with its unique personality


Lobelia Find Out More

A delightful, easy-to-grow herb, Lobelia enjoys cool weather and is a summertime bloomer flowering up to the first frost.


Autumn Glory

Search outdoor plants for Autumn

Revel in the rich colours of autumn. Adore the glorious hues of red, yellow, orange, purple and brown. The summer garden parties may be over, but nature's drama is in full swing. Beech trees, Stag's Horn, Sweetgum, Kousa, Maples and blooming European Spindle, are only some of the fabulous shows happening around town. It's time for Cyclamen and Calluna. Why imagine the picture when it's available live. 


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Acer 'Bloodgood' Find Out More

A superb purple-leafed Japanese Maple with strong spring interest, Acers have a rich spring red/purple colour with a bright blood crimson in autumn.


Chrysanthemum Find Out More

Also called mums or chrysanths, Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular flowers in the world next to Rose and thrive in Autumn.


Hamamelis Arnold Promise Find Out More

Better known as Witch Hazels, Hamamelis have down green leaves in spring and summer and transform to a blaze of yellow colour in the autumn.


Viola Find Out More

Come wind and weather, Viola create colour and passion in the darkening autumn and winter months, most popular in the garden.


Rudbeckia Goldsturm Find Out More

With wide, black-eyed, single, yellow daisy flowers Rudbeckia Goldsturm exhibits cone-shaped, black-brown centres from August to October extending the flowering season late into the year.


Calluna Find Out More

Beautiful heather from the moors of Scotland, Calluna's tranquil lilac, pink and white flora is an Autumn blessing. 


Miscanthus Ferner Osten Find Out More

A wonderful decorative grass with arching clumps of tall slender green foliage turning bright coppery red in Autumn. 


Abelia Edward Groucher Find Out More

This compact semi-evergreen shrub with graceful arching stems has glossy dark green bronze tinged leaves. Abelia Edward Archer is an award-winning wonder, with clusters of lilac-pink, funnel-shaped flowers in the Autumn.


Winter Wonders

Search outdoor plants for the winter

Winter is such an exciting and festive season. Days are shorter, but there are many outdoor options for colour and scent. Primrose, Helibor, Virburnim, Sockacocka, Callicarpa, and Skimmia are but a few to brighten up your borders and pots.

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Primrose Find Out More

Preferring cool temperatures, Primrose bloom so well in winter, in a cool shady location out of direct sunlight


Hellebore (Christmas rose) Find Out More

Flowering from winter through spring, Hellebores, also called the Christmas Rose bear vibrant blooms with tender yellow stamens


Viburnum bodnantense Dawn Find Out More

Fragrant, dark pink clustered flowers, Viburnum bare, stems with dark green leaves throughout winter, perfect for a scented winter walk.


Sarcococca hookeriana humilis Find Out More

With a beautiful lingering fragrance of honey-scented vanilla, Sarcococca have narrow green leaves with clusters of pink-flushed, white flowers throughout winter


Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii Profusion Find Out More

With magnificent metallic purple berries in autumn and winter, Callicarpa's young bronze purple leaves become deep green in summer and plum purple come autumn


Skimmia japonica Find Out More

Baring multi-season displays, especially in winter, Simmia produce glossy evergreen leaves with their fragrant white or yellowish flowers in spring with long-lasting winter berries.


Cornus Alba Sibirica Find Out More

With a thicket of radiating red stems, turning bright crimson in winter, and white berries, Cornus alba ' Sibirica' (Tatarian Dogwood) have yellowish-white flowers in late spring, attracting butterflies and pollinators.



Cyclamen hederifolium album Find Out More

Snowy white blooms with slender stems and deep green heart-shaped leaves, Cyclamen are popular winter wonders to brighten a dark cold day.