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Indoor Plants by Type

Discover Boma's diverse range of indoor plants, categorized for your convenience. Choose from lush Foliage Plants, vibrant Flowering Indoor Plants, climbing and hanging varieties, exotic Tropical Plants, unique Rare Plants, or easy-to-care-for House Plants. Brighten your indoor spaces with Boma's unique plant selection.

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Boma Garden Centre presents an extensive range of indoor plants, meticulously organised by type to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you are a seasoned green thumb or a novice plant parent, our collection promises to offer the perfect plant that fits your lifestyle and aesthetic.

Our Foliage Plants selection features species like Monstera Deliciosa, known for its stunning, large leaves that add an immediate touch of the tropics to any room. These plants not only create an eye-catching visual interest but also contribute to improving indoor air quality.

If it's blooms you're after, our Flowering Indoor Plants section provides an array of choices. With beautiful bloomers such as Anthuriums, known for their heart-shaped bright flowers, or Peace Lilies, appreciated for their elegant white spathes, you can add colour and vibrancy to your interior.

Looking for something that adds vertical interest? Our Climbing Indoor Plants, including species like the Devil’s Ivy, are ideal for creating an impressive living green wall or draping over shelves and furniture.

In the Hanging Indoor Plants category, you will find varieties like the String of Pearls or Spider Plants, perfect for adding a unique and cascading green element to your spaces. These plants are ideal for hanging baskets, suspended pots or high shelves, adding a new dimension to your interior decor.

For those longing for an exotic touch, we offer Tropical Plants such as the majestic Bird of Paradise or the lush Fiddle Leaf Fig. These plants provide an instant tropical ambience, transforming your space into a lush indoor jungle.

We offer unique and hard-to-find specimens for true plant connoisseurs in the Rare Plants section. Whether it’s the striking Variegated Monstera or the delicate String of Hearts, these plants will undoubtedly make a statement in any interior.

For those who are new to the plant parenting world or have a busy lifestyle, our Easy House Plants range is perfect. With hardy species such as the Snake Plant or ZZ Plant, you can enjoy the beauty of greenery without much hassle.

Furthermore, we haven't forgotten about our pet owners or those who desire a cleaner air environment. Our range of Pet-Friendly Plants and Air Cleaning Plants ensure that you can enjoy your green oasis without any worries. From Boston Ferns, known for their non-toxicity to pets, to the efficient air-purifying abilities of the Spider Plant, your indoor environment can be safe and healthy.

Each plant in our selection has been lovingly nurtured to ensure it reaches you in the best possible condition. We are committed to providing quality plants and valuable guidance and care tips to help you on your indoor gardening journey. Explore our beautiful range of indoor plants by type at Boma Garden Centre today.