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Browse Boma's Garden Supplies for all your gardening essentials. Our extensive range includes the best plant pest & disease control products, soil, organic gardening products, orchid care, bird feed and feeders, irrigation systems, hand tools, propagation materials, ties & twines, accessories, and gardening gloves.

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Plant care at Boma Garden Centre

Welcome to Boma Garden Centre's extensive range of Garden Supplies, designed to support every aspect of your gardening journey.

Our selection of Plant Food ensures that your green friends receive the right nourishment. For example, the Vitax Q4 Premium Professional Plant Food is a comprehensive feed for both fruit and vegetable plants.

Under Soil, we have a variety of options like the Westland John Innes No 2 Potting-on Compost, which is perfect for re-potting your plants and supporting their growth.

For the Organic Gardener, we provide an array of natural, environmentally friendly products. The Strulch Mineral Rich Organic Garden Mulch is an excellent choice for enriching your soil and suppressing weed growth.

Orchid lovers will appreciate our Orchid Care range. Consider the Vitax Orchid Drip Feeders, which provide an effortless way to feed your precious orchids.

We have solutions for Garden Pests, including products like the Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer, which uses natural nematodes to effectively control vine weevil larvae.

To help you tackle Plant Diseases, our collection includes products such as the Doff Advanced Fungus Control, designed to treat a range of common plant diseases.

Our Bird Feed, Bird Food, Bird Feeders, and Bird Tables categories cater to our feathered friends. The Peckish Everyday Bird Table, for instance, provides a sturdy and attractive feeding place for your garden birds.

For Irrigation & Watering, our offerings include essentials like the Haws Watering Can Rose - a quality accessory for your watering can to ensure gentle, even watering.

Our Garden Hand Tools selection makes gardening tasks easier. The Burgon & Ball RHS-endorsed Groundbreaker Spade, for example, is an excellent tool for heavy-duty digging.

In our Propagation category, you'll find items like the Garland Super 7 Electric Windowsill Propagator, which aids in successful seed germination and cuttings.

For securing plants and garden structures, explore our Ties & Twines category, featuring items like the Nutscene Tin O' Twine, a trusted companion for garden tasks.

In the Garden Accessories section, find useful items like the Burgon & Ball Hip-Trug - a handy container that clips to your belt, ideal for harvesting or weeding.

And finally, protect your hands with our Gardening Gloves selection, such as the Town & Country Ultimax Multifunction Gloves, offering comfort and superior grip.

At Boma, we aim to provide everything you need to make your gardening journey enjoyable and fruitful. Explore our Garden Supplies for quality products that cater to your every gardening need.