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Garden Hand Tools

Garden & plant hand tools make tasks like weeding, planting, and pruning ten times easier and an all-around more enjoyable experience. As well as practicality, they make fantastic gifts for gardening enthusiasts or personal treats. Boma garden centre stocks Burgon & Ball high-quality gardening and plant hand tools. As a garden centre that serves professionals and gardening enthusiasts, only the best hand tools will do the job. Some hand tools are listed online, with a much larger range in-store at the garden centre. 

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Burgon & Ball wins hands down as producing the best quality garden hand tools worldwide. That's why Boma stocks Burgon & Ball's garden tools, due to the high demand for high-quality gardening and plant care products. As professional horticulturists and avid gardeners visit Boma daily, it is essential to have the best quality hand tools available.

We all like an easy life, and hand tools make life much easier! Weeding in nooks and crannies is made easy by a widger or block paving knife rather than breaking your back, scrabbling away in the dirt or between paving slabs.  

Secateurs and snips are essential for pruning wild plants and reducing dead or damaged material from plants. They make great gifts, too.

Fortunately, Burgon & Ball now carry a range of gardening tools and giftware. These tools make the perfect gardening gift which last generations. Made from robust yet lightweight stainless steel produced in the heritage home of British steel production, Sheffield, Burgon & Balls hand tools are sorted worldwide for their excellent craftsmanship.