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Indoor Compost

When it comes to indoor compost, there are many different tailored mixes. Boma offers a massive range of indoor houseplants, including jungle tropical plants, cacti and succulents, Bonzai, Orchid, Philodendron compost and exotic carnivorous varieties. To ensure your indoor plants receive the best plant care, Boma offers indoor compost general repotting mix but also specialised compost for each plant type.

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About Indoor Compost

When it comes to indoor compost growing media, indoor plants are slightly more particular for no other reason than because they come from different environments and biomes from all over the globe. Houseplants need a free draining, high-quality, nutrient-level compost to prevent root rot and encourage flowering, whereas Orchid bark has zero nutrients and minimal water retention.  

You can also use many different outdoor compost types for indoor plants; there are more tailored and practical composts sold solely as indoor mixes. Smaller, more compact bags make more sense than a substantial 50L bag when repotting a couple more miniature houseplants.  

A wide range of specialist composts come under the indoor plant category as, generally speaking, there’s a much more comprehensive range of specialist requirements for houseplants than outdoor plants. 

The indoor compost range includes a general Multi-purpose Repotting Mix, BonsaiAroidsCactusSucculentsCarnivorous Plants and Orchids. New varieties include Philodendron CompostPremium Anthurium MixLechuza PonTerrarium MixJungle Aroid Mix, and Premium Hoya Mix. Boma also stocks substrate components such as PerliteSphagnum MossVermiculiteLava RockPumiceBarkCoco Coir + Chips, and Lime Grit. They are available in smaller sizes, perfect for standard indoor pots, so there is no need to try and use a whole 50L bag for one or two plants. The indoor compost is sterilised to prevent the attraction of insects. It includes slow-release fertiliser. There is peat-free and organic coir base compost that has a light texture and is easy to use. 

For more advice on indoor compost, speak to The Boma Indoor Plant Team 

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