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Plant Propagation

Plant propagation is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK as more people become passionate about houseplants and interest grows in gardening. The mark of any true gardener is the desire to grow and propagate plants. Be it from seed, cuttings, or division, propagating plants is a fun and fascinating exercise and can also reduce costs massively when buying fruit, veggies or new plants. By nurturing plants to maturity from seed or cuttings, you form an attachment to your plant babies and subsequently do everything for them to grow into vigorous, healthy plants. Boma specialises in all the equipment and products you need for propagation, available online and in-store at the garden centre. 

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About Plant Propagation

Propagation can be as simple as sowing cress seed in an eggshell or as complex as micropropagation of rare and endangered species. Horticulturists train for years to master different propagation techniques, but that's not to stop anyone from learning and trialling new methods. A widespread and successful way of propagating many indoor tropical houseplants is by taking cuttings, placing them in water, watching them root and transplanting them to create a whole new plant. This is only successful for certain plants, such as Aroids, but it's always good to try different methods on different species as you may crack it!  

Sowing seed is a simple and easy method of propagation that can be done on a budget and without outdoor space. A sunny windowsill or kitchen counter, propagator tray and lid, seed compost, and some TLC is all you need to see your seeds sprout into action.  

Boma's horticulture team are experts at propagation and can offer helpful advice on the best way to propagate both indoor houseplants and outdoor plants for the garden. The garden centre also stocks all the equipment and supplies you need to grow seedlings and cuttings at home.