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Rare & Unusual Indoor Plants

Rare & unusual plants are mind-blowing beauties and steal the show! Oddities from all over the globe bring the weird and wonderful to Boma Garden Centre. From stunning tropical foliage plants to rare and sought-after arid varieties, rare & unusual plants have taken over.

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About Rare & Unusual plants

We give thanks to social media for creating almost a cult following when it comes to rare & unusual plants. Eye-watering prices may seem unbelievable; however, it’s as though you’ve entered the designer world of plants, and their beauty comes at a cost. These houseplants are elite!

Prominent features of these most elite plants include variegation, fenestration, stunning foliage, and their velvety and silvery appearance. A variegated twist on the classic Swiss cheese plant elevates this plant to a new level, sought after by the masses. 

Boma stocks a healthy range of these rarities, such as Ficus ‘Moonshine’, Philodendron melanochrysum and Alocasia ‘Frydek’, and many other collectibles. These gems are a feast for the eyes and photograph, hence the social media hype.