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Plant Ties & Twines

Ties and twines are used for supporting plants to steaks or structures to prevent them from toppling over and getting battered by the wind and to help them grow in the right direction. Climbers, tall top-heavy perennials and tree saplings are most in need of support to avoid them from snapping and causing themselves severe damage.  Boma stocks a comprehensive range of ties and twines for indoor plant care and gardening. 

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When supporting plants with ties and twines, it's essential to ensure that the plant's stems, branches, or trunk aren't rubbing against the support. Securing your plants in the correct way is very important to avoid wounding the plant and leaving it susceptible to diseases. An easy and effective way of doing this is by tying the twine around the stem, crossing the twine over each other, and then tying around the support- this way, there is a barrier of twine between the plant stem and support, preventing it from rubbing against the hard surface of the support.  

Many climbers have their own adaptations to support themselves, such as tendrils and ariel roots; however, some still need extra support, especially if you want to train them around a particular structure, such as a pergola or arch. It's best to be on the safe side and always tie your climbers to support to ensure they can grow to their full potential. 

You can shop for a range of plant ties and gardening twines at Boma online, with a more extensive range at the garden centre in Kentish Town, London.