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Spring Plants

Spring Plants are the biggest event at Boma Garden Centre come March. The garden centre comes alive with a massive array of flowering spring plants. As outdoor plant specialists, Boma offers one of London's most staggering collections of spring plants this side of the Thames. You will find the Boma overspilling with a massive range of gorgeous plants, vividly coloured flowers, contrasting foliage and different textures. The Boma range includes spring plants for other spaces, including plant beds, balconies, courtyards, patios or shady woodland gardens.  

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About Spring Plants

Spring Plants bring home to all and mark the start of a new flowering season. Popping their delightful heads in late winter, snowdrops, narcissus, primroses and hellebores break ground, announcing to gardeners the count down to warmer days as temperatures rise once again. Spring Flowers are important for pollinators, exciting not just enthusiastic plant lovers but their buzzing garden companions. 

Season delivery of spring bedding plants arrives each week in Kentish town with something new to watch: Wallflowers, Primroses, Primula, Pansies, Viola, and Potted Spring Bulbs.  

A diverse range of your favourite spring flowering shrubs will be available here in Kentish town, including Camellia, Azalea, Rhododendron, Pieris, Magnolia, Forsythia, and CeanothusThere is also a range of spring flowering climbing Clematis available from mid-spring.