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Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable seeds are incredibly popular due to their low cost and excellent yield within a short space of time. Sowing seeds in winter and early spring gives rise to a whole host of vegetables to be harvested in the summer months. Vegetable seeds are a great way to get children involved in gardening, and it is gratifying when you pick that first vegetable of the season. Boma offers a wide variety of high-quality vegetable seeds from the finest seed producers in the UK 

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About Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable seeds are usually sown in the early months of the year for harvesting in the summer months. This process of sowing, nurturing, harvesting and then eating your homegrown produce is gratifying and undeniably tastier than shop-bought goods. 

Furthermore, growing your veg from seed is much more economical. You can control the nutrients and planting medium you use to produce the vegetables, which will eventually end up on your table. Rather than buying vegetables or plants from supermarkets, whose growers often use hormones, pesticides and other toxic ingredients to produce the enormous vegetables for the super's display, you can know exactly what feeds your vegetables. Growing vegetables is a labour of love that does prove bountiful if the time and care are given. 

Boma specialises in vegetable seeds with a massive range of Fothergills, Thomson & Morgan, and Franchi seeds from Italy, offering the best flavour of British and European vegetables and possibly from around the world. If you've ever been to Italy, you know how fabulous Italian vegetables taste.