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Hanging Plants

Indoor hanging plants and trailing plants are beautiful, space-saving additions to any home. Their unique growth patterns and cascading leaves bring a touch of nature's beauty indoors, transforming your living space into a verdant haven.

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About Hanging Plants

Indoor hanging plants and trailing plants are a captivating way to bring nature into your living space, adding a dynamic vertical element to your home decor. These plants can be placed high up, so they provide an excellent solution for those with limited space, turning bare walls and corners into a green oasis. But to keep them lush and healthy, you should be mindful of their specific care needs.

The first thing to consider when caring for hanging plants is their water requirements. Since heat rises, hanging plants often dry out quicker than their counterparts on the ground level. The watering schedule varies widely among different types of plants. For instance, succulent types, like the String of Pearls or String of Hearts, require less watering since they store water in their leaves. On the other hand, leafy tropical varieties typically need more frequent watering to stay vibrant and healthy.

Light levels are another critical aspect of hanging plant care. Plants instinctively grow towards the light, and this tendency is equally true for indoor hanging plants. You can rotate your plant periodically to ensure even growth unless you prefer a charmingly lopsided look. Choosing the right plant for the available light conditions in your home is also crucial. Some plants, such as the Tradescantia and Scindapsus, are more suited to shadier areas, while others, like Hoyas, thrive in bright, sunny spots.

Speaking of Hoyas, these are incredibly popular among hanging plant enthusiasts for several reasons. Their easy-care nature makes them a favourite for beginner and seasoned plant lovers. The beautiful waxy foliage and the clusters of sweet-smelling flowers they produce are truly captivating. At Boma, we carry several Hoya varieties, including Hoya carnosa ‘Tricolor’, Hoya burtoniae, and Hoya ‘Mathilde’, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your aesthetic preferences.

Proper care and maintenance of hanging plants can result in a vibrant display of foliage, breathing life into your indoor space. Be it the corner of your living room, the side of your home office, or above your kitchen counter; these charming plants are sure to elevate the aesthetic appeal of any room. They can also be an innovative and thoughtful gift for a plant-loving friend or family member.

In conclusion, the allure of indoor hanging plants lies not just in their beauty but also in the dimension they add to a space. They are a delightful way to enhance your connection with nature within the comfort of your home. And with the variety of hanging and trailing plants available at Boma, you're sure to find the perfect plant companion to turn your home into a verdant retreat.