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Boma Bulbs & Seeds

Boma Garden Centre prides itself on offering a comprehensive assortment of bulbs and seeds that are sure to invigorate any garden. With choices for every season and gardening preference, the rich selection ranges from classic spring bulbs to versatile organic seeds, providing ample opportunity for every gardener to express their creativity and passion for nature.

Boma's selection of Spring Bulbs is extensive, with traditional favourites like Tulip Bulbs and Daffodil Bulbs. Brighten your garden with 'Tulip Purple Prince', a regal purple beauty that blooms in mid-spring, or 'Daffodil Tete-a-Tete', a compact yet vibrant dwarf daffodil variety.

Summer Bulbs offered by Boma add an explosion of colour and fragrance to your garden during the warm months. Dahlias, Gladioli, and Lilies are among the options available. Try 'Gladioli Mix' for a selection of bold and bright colours or 'Dahlia Pompon Mixed' for spherical blooms that add interesting shapes to your outdoor space.

For convenience and quick results, Boma offers Bulbs in Pots such as the 'Hyacinth Delft Blue' pot, a delightful spring bloomer which is planted and ready to grow. Bulb Bundles are another great option, especially for gardeners seeking variety and value, such as the 'Spring Bulb Collection' offering a mix of vibrant colours and shapes.

The collection doesn’t stop at bulbs. Boma also provides a range of Organic Seeds grown without the use of artificial pesticides. Consider the 'Organic Vegetable Seed Collection', an assortment of essential kitchen garden veggies like carrots, peas, and radishes. If herbs are more your thing, the 'Organic Herb Seed Collection' provides popular herbs, including basil, coriander, and parsley.

Flower Seeds are a vital part of Boma's offering too. Sow 'Wildflower Mix' to create a haven for bees and butterflies or 'Sunflower Helianthus' for tall, radiant blooms that embody the spirit of summer. For vegetable enthusiasts, Boma's Vegetable Seeds selection is robust. Try your hand at growing your food with 'Cucumber Marketmore' or 'Tomato Cherry Gardeners Delight', well-known favourites in home gardening.

Herb Seeds at Boma make it easy to create your personal kitchen garden. 'Herb Basil Sweet Genovese' is excellent for pesto lovers, while 'Herb Dill' is perfect for fish dishes and pickling. These herbs are culinary delights and add an aromatic dimension to your garden.

Boma’s bulb and seed collection aims to accommodate every gardener, regardless of their garden's size, style, or their level of gardening experience. The joy of watching your seeds germinate and grow into healthy plants, or the anticipation of waiting for your bulbs to burst into vibrant blooms, is truly unparalleled. The offering at Boma helps make these joyful moments a reality in your garden journey.