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Easy Indoor Plants

Easy Indoor Plants are at the forefront for many starting with houseplants for the first time or not having the time to deal with them. However, whether you’re a world-class botanist or a plant novice, everyone loves easy-care plants! Easy indoor plants range from cacti and succulents to large statement plants, so you’re sure to find the perfect plant. Plants that fit into our busy lives are what we’re after, not ones that will add stress to them, so be sure you pick an easy indoor plant rather than a specialist one. That’s why Boma, as an urban garden centre, stocks a range of easy indoor plants suited to busy city lifestyles, now delivering across the UK, nationwide. 

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Easy care plants are a vast category as care level is subjective. We at Boma have put together a page of plants we believe are stress-free, non-fussy varieties that will thrive if cared for and not entirely forgotten!  

A general factor that elevates the care requirements of plants is humidity. Unfortunately, we do not have a tropical climate in the UK, and when the dreaded winter temperatures come, the central heating season begins! Robust plants such as Snake Plants, ZZ Plants and Aloe vera make for a much easier life over winter.  

When it comes to watering, many of the Boma easy indoor plants selection is straightforward. Some keep moist, like the Venus fly trap, some can dry out, like Devil's ivy, and others don't need much water, including many different Cacti and Succulents.