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Medium Size Indoor Plants

When looking for Medium Size Indoor Plants, the Goldilocks approach is best. As a common approach when choosing plants, not too big, not too small: just right. Medium-sized plants are just right. Suitable for filling a spot but not overtaking a room, they add that pop of colour you’re after. 

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About Medium Size Indoor Plants

Medium-sized indoor plants are perfect when choosing 1 or 2 plants for a room as they don’t completely dominate the space but do their job just right- a noticeable gorgeous addition to an indoor setting. Your plant won’t stay that size forever unless you master the technique of Bonsai, but you can keep your plant from getting too unruly by pruning and sizing up the pot size slowly.  

Boma stocks hundreds of indoor plants in all different sizes, plants such as Calatheas can be found as both mini and large plants and every size in between. Monstera deliciosa is another common medium-sized plant sold on a coir pole and as a standalone plant.  

Medium-sized plants make great gifts as they are still substantial plants with that wow factor but at a fraction of the price of taller, more established ones.