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The Boma Webshop Returns Policy



Thank you for shopping with The Boma. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the best quality plants and products. If you wish to return your order for any reason, our return policy provides our terms & conditions and instructions on making a return.   


Terms & Conditions for Making a Return

We strive to give you an enjoyable shopping experience and set out fair and clear instructions for returning products. When purchasing from our online shop, you agree to the terms we set out below.

Cancellation of Orders

If we have not dispatched the package, you may cancel your order and receive a refund, including the shipping costs.


Once we've dispatched an order, you may no longer make a cancellation. However, if you're at home at the time of delivery, you may refuse receipt of the order. But the returning cancelled shipment will incur a return sender fee. 

Once the courier has returned the order to the garden centre, we will refund your order value (not including shipping costs) and deduct the return shipping costs.


We cannot cancel orders you have asked to leave in a safe place.


Non-plant products must return in their original packaging and be fully intact. As such, non-plant products with open or damaged packaging are not eligible for return or a refund.


Please see our policy about damaged or defective products below.


Damaged or Defective Products

When you place an order from our webshop, we strive to ship your products in excellent condition. We check each product to assure quality before packing and photograph the product before dispatch. We use protective packaging to ensure transit does not damage your ordered products. 

By nature, plants are delicate living beings, each unique in colour and size. For this reason, plants may differ slightly from the image we provide in the webshop, which we provide as an indication only. 


However, if you receive a plant or product you think is in poor condition during unpacking, please contact us for help and advice, with the invoice number to hand.

We'll ask you to send us a photograph so we can give you the best advice. Please send the photo together with your invoice number and concerns regarding the shipment to [email protected]

As plants are delicate, sometimes a few leaves may fall off or turn yellow due to the lack of moisture and light during transit, and the earth may become loose. While this can be disappointing, it may not be detrimental to the long term health of the plant.

Our couriers photograph the package or ask for a signature to confirm receipt in good condition. However, we cannot be responsible for the parcel's state after the courier has left it in a safe place.

If you receive a package that looks damaged from the courier, please do not accept delivery.


Substitute Products

Sometimes we supply substitute products but will only do so with your permission when processing the order. These products are subject to the same return policy.


Returning Plants

Plants are perishable goods. If you wish to return plants for any reason, you can do so within 14 days of receipt of your order and receive a refund for the cost of the plant. 

As plants are living beings, please take care of the plant with appropriate light and water while in your possession, so it will return to us in the same condition we sent it to you. 

We will refund the cost of the plants returned provided that they are in no worse condition on their return than when they were dispatched to you

If you are unsure how to care for the plant you are returning while it's in your possession, please contact The Boma team for advice.



Returning Non-plants

If you wish to return non-plant products, including seeds and bulbs, you can do so within 30 days of receipt of your order and receive a refund for the cost of the product.


We are unable to refund shipping and return costs once we have dispatched the order.


Returning Partial Orders

If you wish to return some of the products from your order, you may do so according to the previous terms for plants and non-plant products.

We will issue a partial refund but not the shipping and return costs for the products you return.


Please see the instructions below on how to package and dispatch products you wish to return.


Returns for Orders Received by National Courier DHL

There are two options for returning products you received with DHL national delivery. 

* Return the item to the garden centre 

After you have contacted our customer service team by email with the invoice and item details, we will provide instructions for returning items to the garden centre. 


Return items via our DHL national courier with a printed label 

We will email you a 'Return Shipping Label'. You can print and attach the label to the parcel you are returning and take the labelled parcel to the DHL local collection point closest to your address for your convenience. It will avoid you from having to wait at home for a courier to arrive.


Return Fees for items shipped by National Courier

(Please note: the return shipping prices include handling fees.)

Zone1: England, Wales & Scotland (excluding Highlands & Islands) £9.99

Zone2: Highlands & Islands of Scotland £17.99

Zone3: The Isle of Man, Isle of Wight & Isles of Scilly £20.99


Returns for Orders Received by Local Delivery

After contacting our customer service team to notify them of the return, you can bring the item to the garden centre.

Alternatively, we can arrange to collect the product with our Local delivery service. The return local delivery cost is the same as you received the order, which we will deduct from your refund. 

Instructions for Returning Products you Ordered

To make a return, please get in touch by email:
[email protected] or phone 020 7284 4999.

To expedite your return, please provide the following information:


  • The invoice number: You can find this in the email you received when placing the order.
  • The name of the product
  • A photograph (If damaged or defective)


How to Prepare Your Return

Please pack the product in its original packaging and include the invoice for our reference. We cannot accept plants that are not in their original pots.

Please use the shipping label we provide you by email and drop off the package at your nearest DHL collection point.


We cannot accept products sent by non-approved third party courier services.


It is in both our interests that you are delighted with your shopping experience and the products you have purchased. We are here to help. Please get in touch with our customer service team for advice regarding your order.

Once again, thank you for shopping with The Boma

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 020 7284 4999