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Plant Pots on Legs

Plant pots on legs add height and dimension to a room. Furthermore, stylish supported pot covers can transform a plant that sometimes goes unnoticed into a feature that catches the eye. Boma stocks a range of pots with legs, many made from fibreglass, that are lightweight and highly durable for their size. Contemporary in appearance, with ribbed patterns, these pots on legs are available in many different colours and styles, which add to their appeal.

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About Plant Pots on Legs

Our free-standing plant pots on legs are very popular with houseplant buyers, especially those buying larger, more architectural feature plants. By raising the plant off the floor, it adds a whole different feel and elevates the entire plant and pot- literally and figuratively! 

Fiberglass is a great material to use for plant pots as its hard wearing and lightweight, not like back-breaking glazed or terracotta; you can move these pots easily around the house. By them being so lightweight and easy to move, it reduces the likelihood of dragging across and scratching floors. 

Their modern style has proven popular with companion plants such as Dracaenas and tall Monstera on coir poles- these stylish plant pots on legs compliment these slim upright plants beautifully.