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Organic Plant Care

Organic Plant Care products are in significant demand. Organic feeds, fertilisers and compost are an ever-growing product range at Boma Garden Centre. Organic plant care products are preferable due to the absence of artificial chemicals being used in production and are trending because of the apparent health benefits and concern for the environment.  

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About Organic Plant Care

Organic plant care products such as feeds, mists, fertilisers, compost and pest control are becoming essential features of plant care products for indoor plants and gardening. The demand for ecologically friendly products is growing exponentially and is a massive help in climate control. Buying organic plant care products gives each of us a chance to contribute to this vital cause of our planet's welfare.

Boma garden centre stocks an extensive range of organic plant care products. All our organic products have not been treated with artificial chemicals or pesticides during production. Beyond making the right choice, long-term organic plant care products are better for plants that produce lush foliage and vibrant blooms. Furthermore, organic plant care products are much better for our health. 

Organic products within horticulture are usually aimed towards composts and feeds. Using organic feeds and fertilisers when growing your fruit and vegetables is of particular concern. Accordingly, it is the perfect way to know precisely what you're handling, cooking, and eating. 

Boma's popular organic plant care range includes organic plant food, organic compost, farmyard organic farmyard matter, seaweed extract plant food, organic Rose Feed, Organic Pest Control Bug Killer, Organic Slug Killer, Organic Rooting powder and more. 

Contact the Boma horticulture team, experts on organic plant care, for more advice on organically growing your plants and garden.