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Ground Cover Plants

Ground covers are a useful group of plants that act as "living mulch" to control weeds in flower beds and around the base of large trees and shrubs. Ground covers provide a year-round sea of leaves that cover the soil and help keep moisture in the soil. The Boma has a range of evergreen ground covers suitable for year-round use in containers and the ground.

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About Ground Cover Plants

At the garden centre in Kentish town, we have a premium range of ground covers in 11cm, 1ltr, 2ltr and 3ltr pots. 

Ground covers are normally the last layer planted after large specimen plants and trees. Plants used as ground covers can help reduce the high maintenance level of a garden by reducing water consumption by keeping moisture in the soil and covering the soil so that light does not get through for weed germination. 

Ground covers can be used to plant awkward areas such as slopes in the garden. A useful group of plants, ideal for filling gaps in borders and containers in the garden. 

Ground covers can also be used as an alternative to a landscaped lawn, such as a chamomile lawn. 

With careful selection, the attractive mounds of leaves and flowers created by ground covers can be spectacular throughout the season. 

When choosing plants for ground cover, consider growing conditions such as soil structure and PH, light levels such as full sun or shade and soil drainage is the soil dry or wet?

Popular evergreen ground covers that we aim to have in stock all year round are Vinca, Ophiopogon, Heuchera, Bergenia, Tiarella, Tellima, Saxifraga, Heucherella, and Sedum.