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Peat-Free Compost

UK Peat-Free Compost is a hot topic, with the government implementing a ban on peat compost in 2024. Boma is one step ahead, offering a wide range of Peat-Free Compost for indoor and outdoor plants. Boma's peat-free mixes include coir replacements for good drainage and an open rooting structure. The UK is banning Peat-based compost as it emits greenhouse gases with its immediate usePeat releases carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. The peat-free organic compost is ideal for the garden, growing seeds and cuttings, young potting plants, planting out, window boxes, hanging baskets and container gardening. It can also be used as a grow bag for Tomatoes and a growing media for some houseplants.

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About Peat Free Compost

There are Peat Free Compost replacements in the UK for Peat-based varieties that can be quite a contentious subject among gardeners. Due to its extensive use over the years, peat-based compost works regarding water retention. Traditionally, it has also been more readily available and cheaper than alternatives such as coir (coconut fibre), but that is all changing.  

Peat is an incredibly environmentally unfriendly product, releasing vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. These peat bogs play a vital role in storing carbon, finally being recognised with a ban on peat compost coming into play in 2024. 

The most common and widely used alternative to peat is coir a substrate made from the husks of coconuts. It’s a fantastic substitute for peat as it is just as water retentive as it is lightweight and environmentally friendly.