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This staple houseplant comes in all different forms, from large swooping velvety leaves of Philodendron melanochrysum to delicate heart-shaped foliage and vine-like habit of philodendron scandens. It is a truly tropical plant perfect for creating that indoor jungle feel and adding that splash of green to a well-lit room.  

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About Philodendron

Philodendron is a very large genus of a tropical houseplant with approximately 450 species native to tropical America, belonging to the Araceae family along with other well-known plants such as Monstera deliciosa and Epipremnum.

These classic foliage houseplants come in many different forms, some with bright orange leaves such as Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’ others pure green and heart shaped- Philodendron scandens. The very sought-after varieties such as P.melanochrysum and P.verrucosum display stunning velvety foliage, rich and dark in colour.

Philodendron overall make great houseplants for beginners with their easy care, and low-maintenance nature. Even the desirable rare varieties aren’t tricky to care for– just ensure they are planted in a free draining mix, adequate humidity is provided and not overwatered and you will have a very happy, healthy Philo!