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Hanging Plant Pots

Hanging plant pots are in demand, as floor space in urban living spaces can be limited, and up is the only option. Be it ceramic, fibreglass or macrame potholders, there are many hanging pots to choose from. It’s important to consider weight and the appropriate location when selecting your hanging pot. Make sure the hanging pot is suspended from a secure anchor from the ceiling, wall or support relative to the weight of the plant and pot cover, especially considering plant pots are heavier after watering. Boma stocks a comprehensive collection of hanging plant pots at the garden centre. Browse the webshop or pop in for a visit. 


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About Hanging Plant Pots

Hanging plant pots make beautiful additions to a room, especially the classic white macrame rope potholders, which allow you to choose any pot of any colour within a size range for that holder. This way, the variety is endless, and you can change or rotate your pots as and when you like.  

Hanging ceramic pots are another great option; without a drainage hole, there is no fear of spillage or leakage from your hanging pot. With strong rope or leather hangers, these are beautiful pot covers for hanging and trailing plants.  

It is essential to consider the weight, location, and appropriate fixtures for your hanging pots. It's best to hang smaller, delicate plants as opposed to monstrous heavy beasts; however, if your ceiling and fixtures can support significant weight, go ahead! It's also best to hang plants out the way of daily traffic or over beds as that could be quite the surprise at night.  

Heat rises, so your hanging plants will dry quicker, remember to check your plants more often than you would those on floor level.