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Spring Flowering Bulbs

The first signs of spring don’t come from new leaves on trees or blossoms but from the ground! Daffodils and snake head fritillaries are the true mark of spring. Spring flowering bulbs' variety and beauty are mind-blowing, ranging from delicate flowers such as Chinodoxa and Crocus to large, showy blooms of tulips and hyacinths.  

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About Spring Flowering Plants

Spring flowering bulbs add a whole new element to a garden, rearing their head and blooming before shrubs and perennials have sprung back into action yet. Spring flowering bulbs are incredibly easy to care for, as you pretty much forget about them for half of the year until they start poking up through the soil. Make sure there is sufficient drainage when planting them as they can rot easily if not- adding grit or bulb fibre when planting is a good way to ensure this.  

It’s a good idea to protect your bulbs from hungry animals such as squirrels and mice- some methods include using a layer of chicken wire beneath the soil, using left over cuttings of thorny plants such as holly, roses or firethorns on the soil surface or applying animal repellent sprays/ powders