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Summer Bulbs

Brighten up your UK gardens with a riot of colours from Boma Garden Centre's range of summer bulbs. Dive into our collection, from the passionate reds of tulips to the regal stance of lilies and the exotic allure of eucomis. Whether in London, Kentish Town, or beyond, our summer bulbs promise to transform any space into a vibrant haven. Ready for a blooming spectacle?

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The Symphony of Summer: A Guide to the UK's Most Lustrous Bulbs

Summer—a time of endless days, sun-kissed skies, and gardens bursting with life. At its heart lies the undeniable charm of summer bulbs. Let Boma Garden Centre in London guide you through a vibrant journey of tulips, alliums, and more, destined to paint your UK gardens with hues of happiness.

The Players in the Summer Concert:

  • Tulips UK: These perennial favourites bring a dash of elegance. With their vast array of colours, tulips can single-handedly turn a garden into an artist’s palette.

  • Alliums & Hyacinths UK: Known for their distinct shapes and fragrant presence, these bulbs are show-stoppers in any summer ensemble.

  • Dahlias & Lilies UK: Flamboyant dahlias and elegant lilies compete for attention, yet complement each other beautifully.

  • Eucomis, Crocosmia & Begonias UK: The trio that brings exotic charm, fiery passion, and delicate beauty, respectively, to any garden setting.

Where to Plant: While summer bulbs for UK borders create beautiful boundaries, opting for summer bulbs for UK containers offers flexibility in design. If you're keen on fresh bouquets, go for bulbs suitable as UK cut flowers. And for those wanting to encourage wildlife, there are specific bulbs that attract them too.

Planting Guide: If you've found yourself pondering how to plant summer bulbs in the UK, fear not! The process is simple, and the results, gratifying. The golden rule? Ensure well-draining soil and ample sunlight.

Beginner’s Luck: For those just starting their gardening journey, there's a curated list of summer bulbs for UK beginners. These are low-maintenance, high-reward choices ensuring that novice gardeners feel the thrill of success.

Why Choose Boma Garden Centre? Beyond our vast array of bulbs, we offer expert advice, both online and at our Kentish Town location. Whether you’re looking to buy summer bulbs online in the UK or seeking the perfect bulbs for a specific garden setting, our team is here to guide you.

In conclusion, the magic of summer lies in its blooms. By choosing the right bulbs, you're not just planting flowers; you're sowing joy, colour, and life. So, whether it's the dramatic dahlias or the bewitching begonias that catch your eye, Boma Garden Centre is your ultimate destination. Dive into our summer bulb collection, and let your garden sing the songs of summer.