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Garden Aggregates

Garden aggregates have many uses within horticulture, not just for decorative purposes. From pebbled driveways to gravel gardens or adding grit to potting mixes to increase drainage, aggregates are essential. Boma stock a wide range of aggregates & stones, including large Scottish Cobbles and Decorative Plum Slate, as well as Pea Gravel, Sand and Grit.  


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About Garden Aggregates

Aggregates and stone are a massive industry within horticulture as they are incredibly versatile and used in potting mixes– the most common being sand. Sand is used in many types of free-draining compost as it doesn’t hold onto water, which is perfect for cacti, succulents, and Mediterranean plants.  

Gravel and grit are excellent materials for aerating the soil and aiding drainage. They can also be used for decorative and practical purposes like gravel gardens and driveways. There are many different types of decorative gravels, too, which are commonly used as pot toppers to brighten up potted indoor and outdoor potted plants.  

Large pebbles and cobblestones provide a stylish, modern feel to a garden and slate for a sleek overall look. Many Japanese-style gardens feature decorative rocks, gravel, and dry Mediterranean gardens that use various aggregates and stones for different gardening and landscaping uses.  
Boma stocks a large variety of aggregates and stones. Visit the garden centre in Kentish Town to see the complete range.