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David Austin Roses

Boma Garden Centre, renowned for supplying high-quality David Austin Roses, caters to both professional horticulturists and garden enthusiasts. These exceptional roses, famed worldwide for their vibrant colours, vigour, and disease resistance, are an essential addition to any garden. Our extensive range includes shrub, rambling, and climbing roses, ideal for flower beds, containers, and vertical structures.

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About David Austin Roses

David Austin has long been associated with breeding and growing superior quality garden roses. These roses, specially tailored to flourish in London gardens, are a sight to behold, injecting vibrant colour into gardens throughout the summer months. The new varieties are increasingly resistant to diseases and pests, requiring less maintenance after planting, and making them a popular choice for many gardeners.

Among the most favoured varieties are the David Austin ‘Roald Dahl’, David Austin ‘Kew Gardens’, and David Austin ‘Lady of the Lake’. Each variety carries a unique charm, from the beautiful blooms of 'Roald Dahl' to the stunning clusters of 'Lady of the Lake', they're a testament to the high standards that David Austin Roses represent.

As North London's leading stockist of David Austin Roses, Boma Garden Centre takes pride in offering these remarkable roses to both horticulture professionals and passionate gardeners. We maintain an impressive selection of David Austin Roses throughout the year, ensuring a variety that caters to every rose enthusiast's preferences.

Our stock includes exceptional varieties such as Rosa Gentle Hermione, known for its large, full-petalled cups, and Rosa ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’, appreciated for its unusually large flowers. Rosa ‘Tottering by Gently’ is favoured for its vigorous growth and abundance of blooms, while Rosa ‘Boscobel’ presents classic rosettes of a deep salmon colour. The rich apricot flowers of Rosa ‘Dame Judy Dench’, the pure yellow blooms of Rosa ‘The Lark Ascending’, and the sumptuous, many-petalled roses of Rosa ‘Gabriel Oak’ all find a place in our collection. These varieties, among others, not only thrive in UK gardens but also excel in containers, offering flexibility in their placement and display.

If you're new to David Austin Roses or looking to brush up on your rose gardening skills, we invite you to check out our resources. To guide you through the process of planting these magnificent roses, we've put together a comprehensive guide on How to Plant David Austin Roses. Furthermore, we have a detailed David Austin Roses Care Guide to help you maintain and care for your roses, ensuring they continue to thrive and bloom spectacularly.

We also understand that you might have questions about growing David Austin Roses in the UK. That's why we've curated a list of Frequently Asked Questions, providing quick and accessible answers to common concerns and queries.

At Boma Garden Centre, we're not only about providing quality plants but also about offering the knowledge and guidance you need to create and maintain your dream garden. With David Austin Roses, you're not just planting a rose; you're cultivating a piece of horticultural excellence that will enhance your outdoor space for years to come.