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Mini Plants

Mini plants are brilliant, cute little additions to brighten up your day! Affordable, space-saving, and a joy to watch grow, mini plants are the way forward. There are dozens of varieties found at Boma, from leafy, to spikey and everything in between. Be it a sunny windowsill or a shady desk; there is a mini plant for every home spot.

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About Mini Houseplants

One of the many joys of mini plants, other than the smaller price tag, is that you nurture your plant to its full size. You can keep them in their mini form by pruning and keeping them in their tiny pot, or size up and watch your mini plant flourish. 

Mini plants are trendy for a whole host of different reasons, one of the main ones being the number of plants you can get both for budget and space. You could get three different mini plants for the price of one larger one and grow them on if you have the time and space to do so. 

Also, mini plants are great for filling small spots, adding little pops of colour, creating a personal touch to a desk, or greening up a windowsill. They make great gifts and are the perfect way to get children interested in houseplants without spending loads and taking up too much space.