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Bird Food

We take Bird Food seriously! Boma Garden Centre offers a diverse selection of top-quality feeds for your feathered friends. Our range, featuring esteemed brands like Henry Bell, includes everything from nutritious sunflower hearts to essential seed mixes, mealworms and fatballs. Understanding the unique dietary needs of garden birds, we provide options rich in energy and vital nutrients. Boma delivers nationwide throughout the UK. Explore our variety to find the perfect blend for your garden wild bird sanctuary.

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Bird Food: A Guide to nutrition, UK wild birds love

Delve into the world of avian nourishment with Boma Garden Centre's Bird Food category, your go-to destination for premium wild bird dietary solutions. Our extensive collection, prominently featuring the esteemed Henry Bell brand, is meticulously curated to cater to the diverse dietary needs of Britain's garden birds.

In our array of bird food, you'll discover the ever-popular Sunflower Hearts Bird Food, a favourite among various bird species for its high-energy content and easy digestibility. These hearts are a must-have in any bird lover's garden, especially during the demanding nesting and moulting seasons. Equally nutritious and appealing are our Peanuts Bird Feed offerings. Rich in fats and proteins, these unsalted, aflatoxin-free peanuts are a crucial part of a balanced wild bird diet, providing that much-needed energy boost.

For those looking to offer a more varied diet to their avian visitors, the Superior Seed Mix Bird Feeder comes pre-filled and ready to hang, offering a blend of seeds that appeal to a wide range of bird species. It's an excellent choice for attracting different types of birds to your garden, from finches and sparrows to tits and robins.

The No Mess Bird Food from Henry Bell is specially designed to leave your garden tidy while offering a blend of seeds that cater to a variety of birds. This mix is ideal for those who enjoy bird watching without the hassle of cleaning up husks and shells. Similarly, our Mealworm Coconut Half and Suet Hanging Pine Cone are not only nutritious but also add an aesthetic touch to your garden, blending the beauty of nature with practical bird feeding.

Understanding the importance of sustainability, our bird food selections are eco-friendly, ensuring your bird feeding practices contribute positively to the environment. We believe in supporting the natural habitat of wild birds while providing them with the nourishment they need.

Moreover, our collection includes options like the Suet Mealworm Cake and Suet Berry Bites, perfect for providing that extra energy during colder months. These suet-based foods are packed with calories and are particularly beneficial during the winter, helping birds maintain their energy levels.

In summary, Boma Garden Centre's Bird Food category offers a comprehensive range of high-quality, nutritious, and eco-friendly options to meet the diverse dietary needs of wild birds in British gardens. From sunflower hearts to seed mixes and suet treats to peanuts, each product is selected with the wellbeing of your feathered visitors in mind. Enhance your bird-feeding experience with us and contribute to the thriving ecosystem in your own garden.

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