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Bedding Plants

Brighten your garden with the radiant range of bedding plants available at Boma Garden Centre. These versatile beauties, including colourful Petunias, elegant Begonias, and charming Geraniums, are perfect for adorning borders, pots, and hanging baskets. Explore Boma's diverse bedding plant selection today for an instant garden makeover.

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About Garden Bedding Plants

Boma Garden Centre, a haven for plant lovers, offers an extensive range of bedding plants that are perfect for breathing life into your garden across all seasons. Our collection of bedding plants ranges from sun-loving blooms to shade-tolerant varieties, ensuring you can find the perfect plants to match your garden's conditions. We offer plants in various pot sizes and stages of maturity, so whether you're looking to make an immediate impact or enjoy the process of nurturing your plants, we've got you covered.

Our bedding plants come in sizes starting at 9cm to 10.5cm at the beginning of the season, providing an affordable option for gardeners who enjoy watching their plants grow. As the season progresses, our offerings mature into 12cm to 1 Litre pots, hitting their stride and ready to make a more substantial impact in your garden. By the height of the season, our bedding plants range from 1.5 to 2.0 litres, offering a grand spectacle of fully matured and blooming beauty.

When it comes to our seasonal offerings, our summer bedding plants collection is a joy to behold. This selection includes vibrant Geraniums, trailing Lobelias, fragrant Petunias, and more. Begonia, Bacopa, Nemesia, Gazania, Cosmos, and Verbena are also popular choices, and their blooming presence will fill your garden with a riot of colours, turning it into a summer paradise.

As summer fades, our autumn bedding plants bring a new palette of colours. Notable autumnal offerings include Heather, Calluna, and a wide variety of Pansies and Violas. Cyclamen in shades of pink, white, red, and purple lend a lovely contrast to the rustic hues of autumn, while plants like Chrysanthemum and Brassica add a unique texture to your garden beds.

As the colder months approach, the spring bedding plants at Boma Garden Centre come into their own. Delightful Bellis, charming Forget Me Nots, vibrant Primroses, and robust Wallflowers add a splash of colour to your garden after winter, heralding the arrival of warmer days.

Whether it's the vivid colours of summer blooms, the rustic hues of autumn flowers, or the soft tones of spring blossoms, our bedding plants offer something for every garden and every season. With careful selection and our expert guidance, you can curate a garden that not only thrives year-round but also mirrors your unique style. Visit Boma Garden Centre today and let us assist you in choosing the perfect bedding plants for your garden.