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Known for their easy care and big impact, Ficus are a group of plants that really steal the show. Ranging in sizes and colours there’s a Ficus variety for everyone. They love bright sunny areas and can withstand short periods of drought. Ficus are a family favourite as such at Boma.

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About Ficus

Ficus is a classic genus of plant known by practically every houseplant owner nationwide. They are solid plants, resilient, need straightforward care and have beautiful architectural foliage.

Ficus is a large genus of plants and species can differ greatly, F. benjamina for example, has lots of small, glossy leaves as opposed to the Fiddle Leaf with fewer, much larger, textured leaves. They do all, however, have a very distinctive milky sap which, unfortunately, is toxic to pets, and we recommend if you happen to get the sap on your skin, try to wash it off as soon as possible.

Here at Boma, we stock countless varieties of Ficus in all shapes and sizes. The larger one of our specimen plants, as for impact, size, care requirements and price, this is a knockout plant!