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Topiary Plants

Topiary is a UK favourite garden pastime with examples that excel internationally. Boma garden centre offers a range of plants suitable for Topiary, such as Laurus nobilis and Bay Trees, in different forms, available year-round. Bay trees are available in Balls of 1/4 standards, ½ standards, and 3/4 standards, in varying heights, as well as Pyramids and Sprial-stem varieties. These Topiary plants are the backbone of the garden providing year-round interest and form. Topiary plants are ideal for planting in containers to add impact to a doorway or entrance. Grown together, Topiary plants can offer hedging as borders or feature evergreen shrubs in exciting shapes.


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About Topiary Plants

Most topiary plants are slow-growing, requiring patience regarding the growth rate. The topiary plants should be pruned in late spring to maintain shape and vigour.  

Plant types we have available: Olea (Olive), Laurus (Bay), Ilex Crenata (Japanese Holly) 


You can order other topiary plant types upon request at Kentish town, such as Ilex crenata (Japanese Holly). 

Topiary is the craft of sheering evergreen shrubs to create a symmetrical shape that will provide a year-round structure to the landscape. You can find a range of topiary to frame a doorway or entrance available throughout the year at the Boma. Topiary is often used to add that contemporary look to the project. Topiary can also be used to create parterres and knot gardens. A topiary is a perfect plant to use as a focal point to draw your eye to an area of the garden.  


We stock a year-round supply of the following topiary plants here at the Boma garden centre in Kentish Town these include Pyramid Bay Trees, Lollipop Bay Trees, Standard Bay Trees, Spiral Bay Trees and Standard Euonymus trees, Pittosporum silver ball. 

A range of fully grown bay trees in different heights, sizes, and shapes: Pyramids, Standards, Spiral Stems, and cones, are available year-round. 


To keep your topiary plants in tip-top conditions, sheer twice a year in the spring and autumn. Feed topiary in spring with Maxicrop seaweed feed to stop yellowing foliage.