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Outdoor Plant Bundles

Boma Garden Centre, based in Kentish Town, London, offers diverse outdoor plant bundles, including herb and fern collections, perfect for gifting, gardening novices, and experienced gardeners alike. These bundles include an assortment of plants suitable for sun, shade, and drought-tolerant gardens.

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About Outdoor Plant Bundles

Outdoor plant bundles at Boma Garden Centre have quickly emerged as a popular choice among gardening enthusiasts, horticultural novices, and those seeking a unique gifting option. Each of these bundles offers a carefully curated selection of plants that cater to a variety of needs and aesthetics. From the humble herb starter collections to the elegant festive planters, every bundle exudes an undeniable charm that complements both indoor and outdoor settings.

Boma's herb starter collections are a hit among budding gardeners and culinary aficionados alike. Delivered with terracotta planters in 1Ltr pot sizes, these collections feature an assortment of herbs handpicked based on availability at the time of order. This ensures that customers receive only the freshest herbs, perfectly poised to enhance their gardens or kitchens.

For those seeking a splash of colour and visual interest in their surroundings, Boma's range of seasonal flower bundles are a treat. The festive planters, a favourite during the holiday season, come replete with a terracotta planter, Festuca glauca, white Cyclamen, Skimmia reevesiana, and Euonymus 'White Spire'. The intriguing contrast of colours and textures offers an appealing visual delight, setting a perfect backdrop for festive celebrations.

Additional options include decorative terracotta planters that feature an evergreen Skimmia adorned with large glossy red berries. Other choices include a beautiful blend of red Cyclamen, Festuca, and Skimmia in a terracotta planter, and another combination of white Cyclamen, Erica Darleyensis, 'White Perfection', and Skimmia Finchy.

As the seasons change, so does Boma's plant bundle offerings. The arrival of spring marks the introduction of new seasonal bundles specifically designed to thrive in the warmer days. Similarly, summer and autumn bundles will follow, adapting to the changing temperatures and seasonal preferences of our diverse customer base.

Adding to the extensive range, Boma now proudly offers Fern Bundles. Each of these includes terracotta pots and matching saucers, making them a complete set perfect for any setting.

Boma Garden Centre prides itself on the exceptional quality of its plant bundles. Each of our offerings guarantees superb value that is second to none, aligning with our aspiration to become the number one venue for plant bundles catering to all seasons.

The positive feedback we receive from our customers is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. At Boma, we believe in continually improving our offerings based on the invaluable feedback we receive from our customers. We invite you to experience our plant bundles and share your thoughts with us. Here's to greener, more beautiful spaces, one plant bundle at a time!