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Irrigation & Watering

Boma stocks high-quality plant Watering and Irrigation Products that are an essential aspect of all plant and garden care. The garden centre supplies drip systems, garden hoses, sprinklers, water guns, irrigation pipes and connectors. With longer, dryer summers, additional watering is becoming a major concern for gardeners. Water conservation  helpsnot only helps water shortages but is also essential to supplying the correct amount of water for your plants. Speak with the team for professional advice on plant watering & irrigation.


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About plant irrigation & watering

Correct Watering & Irrigation is probably the most crucial factor when planning your garden or seeking a successful houseplant collection. It's also a good idea to select plants according to their location and consider environmental factors such as soil type, aspect, topography, and existing plants such as large trees (dries the soil and blocks rain). If you know that you have a very dry, free-draining hill bank, it's best to select plants that will suit the environment; otherwise, you will have to invest a lot of time and money to keep thirsty plants looking their best.  

Different irrigation methods and systems are available at Boma Garden Centre, such as micro drip systems, sprinklers and soaker hoses. You can also use a hosepipe for watering by hand. Automated systems are perfect for consistency, ensuring your plants will never go without, especially in Summer. 

Hand watering with garden hoses requires more work but has the advantage of demanding you keep an eye on the plants to determine if they need the water. 

If you are unsure which watering and irrigation system you should adopt in your garden or home, contact the Boma garden centre horticulture team.