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Feeds & Fertilisers

The right Feeds and Fertilisers can make all the difference to the long-term health of your indoor plants and outdoor plants in the garden. New compost or repotting soil typically will include feeds and fertilisers. However, after approximately 3 months, replacing the soil's nutrients is advisable. You can ensure healthy, lush new leaf growth if you give the right amount of nutrients according to the nutrient instructions. Your flowering plants will have fuller, longer, lasting blooms and an overall healthy appearance. Select the suitable feed for your plants, with tailored nutrients for specific varieties—Boma stocks many meals and fertilisers, including organic types for indoor and outdoor plants. 

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About Feeds & Fertilisers

There are several different types of plant feeds for indoor and outdoor plants. Most gardeners with lawns are aware of lawn feed, ericaceous feeds for plants such as Rhododendrons and Azaleas, and tomato feed. All contain different levels and types of nutrients for specific purposes. For indoor plants, there are various feeds for various plant families. Beyond general feeds, such as House Plant Focus, there are specific feeds for groups of plants, such as Cacti and Succulents, Bonsai, Orchids, African Violet, Herbs, Olives, and Citrus. These tailored feeds help with fruiting, flowering, lush leafy growth, and root development. 

Feeds and fertilisers come in different forms-liquid and slow-release powder. Liquid feeds need to be diluted with water at the guided dilution rate and watered onto the plant; these can be considered instant feed. Powder or granule feed is either sprinkled on top or mixed into the soil and is gradually broken down over time. Slow-release fertilisers are great for long-lasting, hassle-free feeding and are routine for many gardeners when planting and potting. 

For more advice on selecting the correct feeds and fertilisers and applying them correctly, speak to the Boma Garden Centre horticulture team.