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Terracotta Pots

The standard terracotta pots are a fantastic option if you want a lower price tag. These pots are precision machine-made and uniform in appearance, great for plant lovers and gardeners looking for a consistent look throughout their outdoor space. Standard terracotta pots range from 5cm to 40cm, with matching saucers suited to each size that can be purchased separately. Boma supplies classic terracotta planters nationwide throughout the UK, with next-day delivery. 30cm pots and larger are available for local delivery. 


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About Terracotta Garden Planters

The standard terracotta pots are simple and clean; as plant containers, terracotta planters offer a consistent look for plants indoors or outdoors. As more affordable pots, they are available in a range of sizes with matching saucers as a separate purchase. Boma's standard terracotta range includes troughs and cylindrical containers that are perfect for windowsills. 

Terracotta planters are ideal for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs and the perfect vessel for showy bedding plants and seasonal flowers. 
Being porous in contrast to plastic, terracotta allows water and air to flow more freely. It is an excellent option for maintaining healthy plant roots, allowing them to 'breathe', and preventing root rot. Maintaining the proper moisture level is still necessary to ensure plants are not overwatered.