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Tulips Bulbs

Discover the epitome of spring elegance with Boma Garden Centre's exceptional range of tulip bulbs. From classic single petals to exotic fringed varieties, our collection boasts an awe-inspiring spectrum of colours and forms. Whether you're looking to ornament beds, borders, or planters, Boma has you covered with standout varieties like Yosemite, Orange Emperor, and Fringed Pacific Pearl. Experience a dazzling display from late April to May with tulips that suit both traditional and modern gardens. With Boma's tulips, your outdoor space will be nothing short of a masterpiece.

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Discover Tulips bulbs at Boma

Tulips, one of the most iconic and beloved flowers, have a history as colourful as their petals. From Central Asia, tulips entered Europe in the 16th century, eventually causing "Tulipmania" in the Netherlands. This period saw the prices of tulip bulbs soar to such absurd heights that they were worth more than houses before the market dramatically collapsed. The story of Tulipmania often serves as a cautionary tale in economics, but it also underlines the enduring allure of these beautiful blooms.

Tulips are heralds of spring. With their vivid hues—from pristine whites and sunny yellows to deep purples and scarlets—they contrast the greyness of winter, reviving the spirits of those who behold them. They also come in a range of shapes: classic, lily-flowered, fringed, and parrot tulips are just some examples. With their timeless cup-shaped blooms, traditional tulips are perhaps the most popular. Still, the ruffled edges of fringed tulips and the extravagant, feathery petals of parrot tulips offer an exotic twist.

Growing tulips is a rewarding experience, even for novice gardeners. Tulip bulbs should be planted in well-drained soil in the fall, a few weeks before the first hard frost. Most varieties require full to partial sun, and the bulbs prefer a chill during the winter to bloom optimally. When spring arrives, their green shoots are among the first signs of life in the garden. As they grow taller, the anticipation builds, culminating in a glorious explosion of colour that can last for weeks. While tulips are perennials, many gardeners treat them as annuals, planting new bulbs each fall for a fresh and vibrant display each spring.

The symbolism of tulips varies by colour. Red tulips symbolize true love, while white ones signify forgiveness. Once associated with jealousy, yellow tulips are now more commonly linked with cheerful thoughts and sunshine. Purple tulips convey royalty and elegance. The flower has also been featured prominently in art and literature, adding aesthetic and symbolic layers to works by painters like Rembrandt and writers such as Alexandre Dumas.

In modern times, tulips continue to capture imaginations worldwide. Tourists flock to tulip festivals to marvel at fields resembling living quilts of colour. The Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands, often called the "Garden of Europe," features over 7 million tulips in bloom every spring. This spectacle transforms the landscape into a kaleidoscopic paradise and serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of this modest yet captivating flower.

Whether it's the simple pleasure of seeing a single tulip in a vase or the overwhelming beauty of a field in full bloom, tulips remain an eternal symbol of spring, renewal, and the sheer joy of living. Their varied forms and kaleidoscope of colors continue to enchant people of all ages and from all walks of life.


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