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Flower Seeds

Flower seeds are a very affordable and intriguing approach to filling the garden bedding and containers with flowering blooms throughout the year. Beyond transforming your outdoor space, there is an unmatched excitement in reaping the rewards of the seeds you have sown. When you think of horticulture, sowing seeds instantly comes to mind- it is the epitome of gardening. Boma stocks a wide range of flowering seeds with flowers in every size, shape and colour. Sowing flowering sees

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About Flower Seeds for spring and summer

There are different flowering seeds comprising annuals, biennials, and perennials. Knowing which type of flowering seed you choose is essential, as this may determine whether it will flower this year. Annuals will bloom within the year of planting them and die back thereafter; biennials usually flower the second year after growing and then recede. Perennials will flower each year and die back for winter. 

Boma offers all three classes of  flower seeds showing their optimum sowing time and flowering period on the pack itself. This is incredibly useful as it enables you to select the right seeds at the right time of year and plan for flowering displays. 

If you are in need of further advice about flower seeds and the best way to plan your garden can planting tips, speak to Boma's horticulture team. Not only will you receive professional advice, but you can also pick up all the propagation supplies you need to ensure maximum plant health and display.