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Small Plants

Small idoor plants are incredibly popular due to their easily habitable nature- not taking up too much space is paramount in living in London. The perfect plant size for side tables, centrepieces and office plants. They may also be so popular as it's impossible to have any willpower around them; how could you not buy one when it's the perfect bag size and so affordable?

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About Small Plants

Small Plants is a general term given to plants in a range of 9-14cm pot sizes. Many plants stocked at Boma fit into this category with a wide variety. From tropical plants to cacti and succulents, there’s an abundance to choose from for any home spot, be it bright light or deep shade.  

Small plants are the perfect size for greening up a room (especially on mass) by adding to side tables, dining room tables or on a wide window ledge. They’re also perfect for high-up spots, trailing plants like Epipremnum, Philodendron and Senecio that don’t take up too much shelf space but, over time, create significant impact due to their surface area cover.  

By starting small, you build a connection with your plant- learning its needs and seeing how it grows. This is a perfect way to learn more about plants and develop an interest; once you know the growth habits requirements of a particular plant group (Calatheas, for example), you can theand your collection in many different sizes too.