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Metal Planters

Welcome, green-fingered Brits, to Boma Garden Centre's splendid array of metal planter troughs! Fancy a touch of industrial chic in your garden? Our galvanised troughs are rust-resistant, robust, and lighter than a feather on a diet! Rain or shine, they'll withstand our famously unpredictable British weather. And the colour palette? Metallic, Grey, Pastel Green, and Black – truly a rainbow for the minimalist at heart. Come in different sizes, they're perfect for your petunias, fabulous for your ferns, and even terrific for your tomatoes. Now offering nationwide delivery. 

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Want to hear more about Metal Planters?

As we bid adieu from our virtual tour of the Boma Garden Centre's metal planter trough collection, let's recap why these beauties are a must-have for every British garden. For starters, they're galvanised – and no, that's not a fancy new dance move. It means they're rust-resistant! Perfect for those who love their gardens but hate the sight of rust.

And don't let their metallic sheen fool you. These troughs are as light as a well-cooked Yorkshire pudding and robust as a traditional British bulldog. They're ready to weather whatever storm the British climate throws at them, be it a drizzle, downpour, heatwave, or hailstorm.

Now, we must talk about the colour scheme because, let's face it, we Brits do enjoy a good palette. We've got Metallic, Grey, Pastel Green, and Black. They're the Beatles of garden décor – a classic that will never go out of style!

And the variety doesn't end there. Our troughs come in a range of sizes, so whether you're looking to nurture a solitary sunflower or cultivate an entire herb garden, we've got you covered.

Remember, a garden is a friend you can visit anytime, and our planter troughs are the welcoming hosts. Here's to greener thumbs, healthier plants, and more vibrant gardens. After all, there's nothing more British than a beautifully manicured garden. Cheers!