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Dracaenas are great easy-care houseplants that make an impact. Gorgeous bare stems and tufts of straplike foliage give that tropical indoor tree feel. There are several different varieties, some with thicker fleshier leaves, others with long, thin foliage in a range of colours. Due to their slender upright form, they fit neatly into crowded spaces.

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About Dracaena

Dracaenas are a fantastic group of plants- being pretty drought tolerant when it comes to houseplants and can withstand various levels of light. Their tall, woody stems and clumps of thin leaves can be pretty stylish/ minimalist, given their setting.

The dragon tree is native to Madagascar, and although it doesn't need high humidity levels still requires slight moisture in the air to prevent leaf tips from drying and turning brown. It's best to keep as far away from an open heat source (radiator/fireplace) as possible- as with any tropical leafy houseplant.

They are slow-growing houseplants that can thrive in any spot in the house, be it a cool, low-light hallway or warm office corner. Just try to avoid direct sunlight, as this could scorch new growth. All in all, Dracaena make brilliant living additions to the house and provides that indoor tree is aesthetic.