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Indoor Plants By Size

Search for indoor plants by size, as it can be a big factor when planning houseplants for an indoor space.  We all know that plants come in all different shapes and sizes, so regardless of whether you’re looking for a tiny addition or a towering tree, there’s the right plant for everyone. Boma categorizes plants by size to help you find the perfect plant size quickly and easily. The product range in the garden centre stocks hundreds of indoor plants in all sizes, Tall, Medium, Small, and Tiny plants.

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Choosing Indoor Plants by Size

It's essential to pick the right-sized plant for the space you're after, as you don't want to crush an enormous specimen into a cramped corner just as much as you don't want a tiny plant filling a large expanse of open space. It's beneficial to know some information about the plant you're selecting too to determine what size plant to get and understand its growth habit. 

Some people prefer buying small and nurturing to mature size, while others want immediate impact, so the only option is large. Variety is the spice of life, and we believe that a healthy mix of large and small plants with everything in between makes for a fantastic plant collection.