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Bulbs in Pots

Bulbs in Pots are perfect for an instant bloom that doesn't require waiting months for a floral display to appear. Furthermore, potted bulbs make excellent table decorations and gifts for those with limited outdoor space who want to brighten their home. In spring, Boma stocks many potted bulbs in a kaleidoscope of colours. Potted bulbs can be transferred to containers and planted in beds, being highly versatile options for spring and summer flowers. 

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About Bulbs in Pots

Bulbs in Pots are great for those who don’t have vast amounts of outdoor space or the time to plant an extensive range of bulbs in the autumn. On the onset of sprouting, they potted bulbs are available in leaf shortly before flowering. 

There is a vast range of bulbs in various colours, from showy decorative Tulips that have been bread for spectacular colour and patterns, to more natural Bluebells and Fritillaries. Caring for these potted bulbs is like any other plant; when in active growth, give them sufficient water. When they have finished flowering and start to die back, remove the bulbs, cut back dying foliage and roots and store them in a cool, dry place to plant up again in the autumn.