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Winter Plants

You’ll find a whole range of plants with winter interest to lift your spirits and add life to your garden patch over winter.  A range of plants with flowers, and coloured winter berries throughout autumn and into winter as well as plants with coloured vibrant stems. There is a whole range of plants to provide interest throughout the winter to keep the garden brimming with life. Flowering plants provide seasonal colour in a range of colours and forms suitable for Terracotta containers, Garden troughs situated on patios, courtyards, entranceways, and balconies. 

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Evergreen shrubs provide the year-round backbone of the garden and can be found here in Kentish town including Aucuba, Pieris, pittosporum, Fatsia, Ceanothus, Rhododendron and Azalea. Deciduous shrubs provide interesting stem colour and bark are stocked at the Boma such as Cornus, Betula, Prunus serrula,   

A range of climbing plants providing evergreen structure to cover walls, pergolas and buildings can be found at the garden centre in Kentish town including Clematis armandii, Trachelospermum jasminoides, Clematis 'Winter Beauty’,  and Clematis ‘Michiko’. 

Winter berries to brighten the garden throughout autumn into winter can be provided by Skimmia, Callicarpa and Gaultheria. 

Seasonal bedding plants providing an array of colours can be found suitable for container or planting in the ground these include Heather (Calluna), Cyclamen, Pansies and Violas,  

A range of evergreen grasses are available year-round that help add interest: Carex, Festuca, Ophiopogon