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Plants for all Seasons

Getting out of the house with the onset of longer, warmer days often sparks a panicky interest in Outdoor Plants. As each season rolls by, Gardeners and Outdoor plant lovers often look for Plants for all Seasons.

That's why Boma also categorises outdoor plants with Spring Plants, Summer Plants, Autumn Plants and Winter Flowering Plants– the latter of particular interest to liven the dark grey skies that can spontaneously happen with the UK's uncertain weather.

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About Plants for All Seasons

Knowing the options available for flowering plants that thrive in different seasons is really useful. It's also wonderful that such a thriving, colourful range of blooming evergreen plants thrive in all seasons.


Crocosmia, for example, is a Summer Plant offering a burst of colour in the late season, when most other flowering plants have faded. There are hundreds of varieties with red, orange or yellow blooms from June to September.


Anemones work as Autumn Plants and Winter Flowering Plants, with their best season in spring.


Gladioli work well in a sunny spot in early spring from late March to Mid-April.


Freesias bloom from June to September, with plantings from the previous autumn flowering earlier, popping their heads 4 months after planting.


Oxalis, also a great indoor plant, are inactive in the summer and prefer planting in the spring, aligning with their blooming period. Several species flower between spring and summer, with recurrent blooms in the fall.


Zantedeschia lilies flower for up to 12 weeks from late spring and throughout the summer, depending on the variety, as they don't bloom simultaneously. Calla lily varieties vary between the early season, mid-season and late season.

Plant your Nerine bulbs in the spring after the frosts. Nerines have strappy leafage grabbing sunlight during the spring and early summer months– its flowering stalks appear in Autumn.

Nanus hybrids are early flowering varieties of Gladioli you can plant in a sunny spot in early spring from late March to mid-April. Gladioli have beautiful, unique blooms that flower in June.

Boma also offers Summer Flowering Bulbs, so UK gardens are in full bloom from June through to September. Especially with the evolving long hot British Summers.

The pride of Boma's gardening community are David Austin Climbing Roses. Renowned worldwide, their Climbing Roses are cultivated to wind and creep along wall trellises, arbours and garden fences, epitomising the cottage garden aesthetic that so many British Gardeners aspire.