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David Austin Rambling Roses

Boma, a leading UK supplier of David Austin Roses, showcases an exquisite selection of Rambling Roses. Revered for their vigorous growth and cascade of blooms, these roses, such as 'Malvern Hills' and 'Snow Goose', make a grand spectacle along walls, trellises, arbours, pavilions, pergolas, arcades and high fences in any garden. Discover more on Boma's website.

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About David Austin Rambling Roses

David Austin Rambling Roses, with their profuse blooms and vigorous growth, have the potential to add unrivalled charm to any garden space. Boma Garden Centre, a premier UK supplier of David Austin Roses, proudly features a stunning collection of these unique roses. Popular varieties such as 'Malvern Hills' and 'Snow Goose' are just a taste of the grandeur these roses can bring to your garden, whether they're adorning walls, trellises, arbours, pavilions, pergolas, arcades, or tall fences.

David Austin Rambling Roses are known for their exceptional health, hardiness, and ability to quickly cover large areas with a spectacular cascade of blooms. Each variety has its distinct charm, adding to their allure. For instance, the 'Malvern Hills', a repeat-flowering rambler, blooms generously with fully double, soft yellow rosettes, exuding a musky fragrance. On the other hand, 'Snow Goose', also a repeat bloomer, charms with its clusters of pure white, semi-double flowers, offering a delightful musky apple scent.

However, correct planting and care are essential to ensure that these roses perform at their best. Positioning your rose correctly is the first step towards success. Rambling Roses require at least four hours of sunlight each day. However, they are quite versatile and can thrive in a wide range of soil conditions, provided the soil is well-draining. Boma's expert horticulturists can guide you on the optimum planting techniques to help your rose establish itself quickly.

Training your rambling rose is an essential part of care, encouraging the plant to grow in the desired direction and enhancing its flowering potential. Usually, ramblers produce long, flexible canes that can be easily trained along structures, creating a stunning display of blooms from top to bottom.

Regular pruning and feeding are necessary to maintain health and encourage prolific blooming. Pruning should typically occur after the main flowering period, around late summer. This involves removing old, unproductive shoots and tying in new ones. Feeding your rose in early spring with a balanced rose food promotes robust and healthy growth.

Also, ramblers can be susceptible to pests and diseases, such as blackspot and aphids. Regularly monitoring your plant and early treatment at the first sign of trouble can keep these issues at bay.

It's important to note that each variety of Rambling Rose has specific care needs. Boma's team of experienced horticulturists is always available to provide personalised advice, ensuring you have all the information to enjoy the beauty of these roses in your garden.

Learning how to care for your David Austin Rambling Rose can be a rewarding journey, resulting in a magnificent display of colour, fragrance, and form. It's an experience that Boma Garden Centre is always delighted to be part of, supporting you every step of the way, from selection to planting, care, and beyond. Explore the world of David Austin Rambling Roses at Boma and let your garden tell a story of elegance and charm.