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Evergreen Plants

Evergreen plants form the backbone of gardens, adding structure, height, and greenery year-round. Evergreen shrubs come in wide varieties. There are beautiful winter flowering plants such as Clematis, Helleborus and Sarcococca. The latter has an incredible fragrance too. Evergreen plants provide much-needed privacy and are ideal as Ground Cover Plants to prevent weeds. Evergreen Climbers help hide unsightly fences and walls and soften the landscape. Boma specialises in evergreen plants, now available with nationwide delivery for plants up to 1.20m in height. All plants are now deliverable within London's M25. 

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About Evergreen Plants

The variety of Evergreen plants is enormous. Boma has some fantastic specimens, each offering unique benefits and beauty to British outdoor spaces, Patio Planters and wild garden landscapes. 


Boma's Evergreen shrubs include: 


Ceanothus, also known as California Lilac, a gorgeous and attractive perennial. The striking and numerous blue blooms are also available in white and pink varieties. Ceanothus grow as a large bush and thrive in the UK. 


Pittosporum is a Boma favourite. These super evergreen shrubs are ideal for shady and sunny locations. With various shapes and sizes, Pittosporum includes large and compact varieties with conical and domed contours. Their shiny foliage is frequently variegated or has colourful leaves and tiny scented blossoms. Pittosporum works well as hedges or stand-alone plants you can trim to simple shapes.  


Euonymus, also known as Spindle plants, are another popular evergreen plant whose wood was historically used to make Spindles. Their 175 varieties include dwarf shrubs, vines and tall trees. Euonymus is a mainstay of British gardens as it has all you need in Evergreen shrubs. Their attractive foliage and breathtaking autumn colour also have varieties that offer unusual fruits and seed pods.


Nepeta, commonly called Catnip, is another evergreen perennial that produces beautiful lavender-blue blooms throughout Spring and summer. These robust plants are easy to grow and maintain. Nepeta works well in borders alongside other perennials and is an excellent alternative to lavender. Pruning encourages long-lasting repeat blooms. Moreover, Nepeta is drought tolerant and continues throughout the increasing dry spells now frequenting the UK. 


Skimmia is a plant that will brighten many a dull winter day. Their Red flowering buds cover this luscious evergreen shrub, opening to white-scented flowers in Spring. They have a vigorous, compact growth habit and are shade tolerant. SKimmia works well in bedding, window boxes and hanging baskets.  


Pieris has scented bell-shaped pink and white flowers that fill this easy-care evergreen shrub in Spring. Its contrasting flowers are gorgeous against a sea of vivid new foliage. Leaves fade from red to green. Peiris is a slow-growing evergreen that loves acidic soils. 


Laurus nobilis, commonly known as a Bay Tree, is a superb evergreen popular throughout the UK. Bay Trees can feature as pot plants or work well as border evergreens. With their adaptable rich scented green foliage, Bays are excellent as Topiary plants. Their adorable fragrance and flavour are well-known in culinary dishes and as medicinal remedies for treating skin rashes, earaches, and rheumatism—Boma stocks Laurus nobilis in various standard sizes, with lollipops, spiral trunks and pyramids. 


Evergreen Ferns are another Boma speciality. Excellent as ground cover plants and shady spots in the garden, the range includes Arachniodes, Asplenium, Blechnum, Dryopteris, Polypodium, Polystichum and more. 


Evergreen Grasses are only sometimes considered by novice gardeners but make all the difference in creating a natural wild garden landscape. Boma's evergreen grasses include Festuca, Ophiopogon, Stipa, Cyperus, and more.  


Boma also stocks many more evergreen plants, including Muehlenbeckia, Coprosma, Pachysandra, Trachelospermum, Fargesia, Shrubby veronica, Sollya and Ghost gum. 


You can order evergreen plants online for national delivery or visit the garden centre in Kentish to consult with the team and see our full range.