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Plant Gifts

Buy a plant gift that keeps living and giving. Flowering plants such as orchids and Anthurium make great presents as they are an exotic living step up from bunches of flowers! Other plants like cacti and succulents are great easy-care gifts for those that are into more unusual plants rather than flowers. The list of plant gifts is almost endless, so come to Boma and choose for yourself! 

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About Plant Gifts

A Plant Gift is a step up from cut flowers, a lot of thought goes behind buying a plant. Not only the care requirements but also aesthetics. Thought is given to the pot cover, and additional garden essentials like snips and feed. That's why recipients enjoy a plant gift more than flowers. Plant Gifts can last for years, whereas cut flowers are short-lived. It's fun selecting a plant gift for somebody, choosing something you truly believe they will love and nurture, and a decorative pot cover to match their environment.  

There are so many different plants to choose from, orchids are fantastic flowering plant gifts, obviously for their showy blooms. Crassula ovata or jade plant / money plant is great gift as it is said to bring good fortune and wealth, as your money plant grows, so do your finances. Bonsai are spectacular gift plants such as Ficus microcarpa ‘Ginseng’ with impressive, gnarled trunks and tiny tree visuals. Depending on the age group you’re buying for, carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap are always a winner with children- endless fun watching the traps capture unsuspecting insects!