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Pet Friendly Plants

Pet-Friendly Plants are a big concern for animal and plant lovers and are obligatory when it comes to our curious four-legged friends who happen to be in the vicinity of houseplants a lot of the time. It's better to be safe than sorry when introducing enticing new 'toys' or 'food sources' as your pet may see them. Boma Garden Centre in Kentish Town offers many gorgeous pet-friendly plants, so it's not as though you're missing out!


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About Pet Friendly Plants

Let’s face it, pets take precedence over houseplants but there are still plenty of options to make your home look lush. Even if your pets are utterly disinterested in plants, it’s still wise to be on the safe side and choose nontoxic, pet-friendly plants.  

There are a whole host of nontoxic varieties.

Nontoxic Houseplant Varieties: Gorgeous indoor plant varieties that are nontoxic to animals include Hoyas, Ceropegia, and Calathea, flowering Orchids, Bromeliads and Gesneriads. Larger foliage plants include the Areca Palm and Kentia Palm, so you can still create an indoor jungle. 

Toxic Houseplant Varieties: Still, a group of plants you do have to watch out for belonging to the family Araceae- everyday houseplant favourites such as Monstera, Philodendron, and Epipremnum are a no-go and are toxic if ingested.