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Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are perfect for that crazy jungle takeover effect! Train up an interior wall or a central pillar and watch your indoor space transform into the tropics. Boma stocks a variety of climbing species, from rampant sun-hungry species to slower-growing shade-tolerant plants.

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About Climbing Plants

It is popular to train climbing plants around a central coir pole, cane, or trellis for support. You can prune your plant back to keep it from getting too unruly. On the flip side, you can keep adding to the support by training it against an interior wall and watching your plant take over! You can quickly turn your climbing plant into a prominent feature plant by providing the support it needs. 

Generally speaking, climbing plants are rapid growers, new growth rising towards the light as if they were on the jungle floor desperately searching for sunlight. Many types of tropical climbers produce aerial roots to attach themselves to other plant structures to allow them to reach optimum light levels. If you notice aerial roots on your plants at home, mist them as they absorb water from the air. 

Climbers are fantastic plants as you can easily manipulate how they grow. By pruning and shaping them, you can alter their growth direction. Many climbing plants, such as Stephanotis floribunda, grow around a hoop for support and decorative reasons.