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Large Houseplants

Large Houseplants change the entire atmosphere of a room. Spectacular woody trunks, large swooping leaves, and well-established plants are a feast for the eyes. If you are looking for immediate impact, mature varieties, look no further, order online, or visit Boma in Kentish Town, and shop our wide range of large plants.

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About Large Houseplants

Although we desperately know the struggle for space, being a London garden centre, it’s vital to ‘Go big and Go home!’ Sometimes impatience takes precedence, and a large plant or two is the only thing to satisfy your passion. Large plants are fantastic instant impact additions to an indoor space, completely transforming a room. 

It’s best to place your large plant where you can admire it looking its best, not shoved in the corner of an office/ a gap filler: display your specimen as if it’s a living piece of art! Ensure adequate light reaches all areas of your large plant by occasionally rotating it for even growth. 

Some classic large houseplants Boma showcases are the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Rubber Plant, and wide varieties of Dracaena. Ficus are a firm favourite of ours with such diversity in size, shape and colour. We can’t get enough of them!