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Calatheas are an incredibly popular foliage houseplant. With their kaleidoscopically patterned leaves, Calathea leaves you mesmerised by its beauty. Varying in colours and sizes, there are many different cultivars to choose from at Boma. These low-light dwellers brighten up a shady spot of the house and are entirely pets safe too.

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About Calathea

Calatheas are highly decorative plants, predominantly known for their ornately patterned leaves. Calatheas are part of the prayer plant family (Marantaceae). They are great plants for areas where light is limited, making them very popular in basement flats, north-facing properties, and inner-city homes.

Calatheas are somewhat particular, so they are better suited for the more attentive plant owner, requiring high humidity levels, warm temperatures, and moist conditions. Calatheas are widely known for their spectacular foliage, but they are also great air-purifying plants, removing harmful toxins from the surrounding air.

Beauty isn’t just on the outside; these plants are good to the core! Nontoxic to animals, they are the perfect plants for pet owners.